Kingfisher Bend Ranch is about 1½ hours from SLC. If your smartphone has a Google Maps navigation app, enter “Kingfisher Bend Ranch” for directions.  Take I-80 to Evanston. Exit I-80 at Exit 5 (the second “Evanston” exit).


    If you need a meal, groceries, gasoline or a Wyoming fishing license, turn left at the bottom of the Exit 5 off ramp. For both groceries and fishing licenses, turn right at the first traffic light for Wal-Mart which is beyond Subway and Jiffy Lube. For just a fishing license, continue straight at the first two traffic lights and stop at Sports World which is in a strip mall on the right.


    To go directly to KBR, at the bottom of the Exit 5 off ramp turn right (south) onto Hwy. 150. There reset your trip odometer to 0.0.  At milepost 21 (odometer 20.1), a dark blue mailbox and a white “Kingfisher” mailbox are together on the right and there is a blue Adopt-a-Highway sign. Turn right (west) onto County Road 152 (a gravel road) at milepost 21.


    If you are coming to the Ranch via Kamas and Mirror Lake (15 minutes longer, but a beautiful route from SLC if the road has been cleared of winter snow), County Road 152 runs west from Hwy. 150 at Wyoming milepost 21 which is about two miles into Wyoming.


   County Road 152 ends about 1/4 mile from Hwy. 150 at a green metal gate between two river rock gate posts. When you arrive, that gate may be: (1) open, or (2) closed but not locked, or (3) closed and locked with a combination lock. Please leave any gate through which you pass while at the Ranch exactly as you found it. PLEASE contact the Ranch manager a day or two before your arrival to (1) inform him of your planned arrival time, and (2) obtain the combination to the gate (if it will be locked when you arrive).


    Once inside the gate, you are, by permission, initially on Bear River Land & Cattle Co. property. Please don’t exceed 20 mph. Take the left hand fork two-tenths (0.2) of a mile after passing through the first gate. A half mile beyond the fork in the road is the gate to Kingfisher Bend Ranch. The Main Lodge and barn are about 800 feet beyond (south of) the Ranch gate (the second gate). Please do not drive off-road anywhere on the Ranch.


    Please contact the Ranch managers if your arrival time changes so that they can be at the Main Lodge to meet you, orient you, and plan the balance of his day and yours. He or his wife will review with you many of the activity options at or near the Ranch and invite you to generally schedule your activities so they can schedule their time and provide appropriate support.


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