Fishing & Water Sports

    Fishing – We stock our pond with trout and the Bear River often provides excellent fly fishing. You’ll need a Wyoming fishing license to fish the Bear River but not on our pond.  The world-famous Green River tailwater trout fishery is just over two hours from the Ranch.  Guests will need to bring their own fishing gear.  

     No license is required to fish the pond. Youth under 14 do not need a Wyoming fishing license on the Bear River if they are accompanied by a person age 18 or older with a Wyoming fishing license. Nonresident youth or adult daily fishing licenses ($14/day in 2016), nonresident annual youth (between 14th and 18th birthdays) fishing licenses ($15 in 2016), and nonresident annual adult (age 18 and over) fishing licenses ($92 in 2016) are available. Annual licenses also require purchase of a Wyoming conservation stamp ($12.50 in 2016).  Licenses and conservation stamps may be purchased in Evanston as described in the first paragraph or online at Fishing in the Bear River is legal year-round but ice makes winter fishing difficult and high flows make fishing problematic from mid-April until flows stabilize which usually occurs sometime between late June and mid-July. All fishing must be with barbless flies. Fishing with bait, spinners, or lures is not allowed on the Ranch. Use of a spinning rod and reel with a plastic bubble and fly is allowed and effective on the pond. ALL trout caught in the river must be promptly and carefully released. Whitefish may be kept. During their stay a family may keep one or two fish caught in the pond  if the fish will be cooked and eaten while the family is at the Ranch.







Kayaking and Boating – The Ranch has three sit-on-top kayaks and a row boat that you can use on our pond for fishing, recreational paddling or water fights. You can take the kayaks down the Bear River through the Ranch property when water levels permit. Guests are welcome to bring their own innertubes for floating the river or pond. For windsurfing and water skiing, Sulfur Creek Reservoir is only 20 minutes from the Ranch.  


   Swimming – The pond provides excellent swimming in the summer. Take a short hike to "Palm Beach" (a bend on the Bear River that has a large, sandy beach) and splash in the river. It’s a terrific place to enjoy lunch and afternoon fun.  No lifeguards are provided. Lifejackets are available in a variety of sizes.


   Bathing suits (or shorts) and flip flops or water shoes are recommended for the pond and river. Guests should bring their own beach towels for use at the pond and river.



If you are unfamiliar with catch and release, there is an instructional video at the following link -

catch & release tips

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