Horseback Riding

                                            Experience a taste of the West by riding horses at Kingfisher Bend Ranch.  Our Ranch

                                    manager will guide you as you explore the Ranch’s trails across our 1,260 acres.  All activities

                                    involving horses are led and supervised by the Ranch managers.  The Ranch has an outdoor

                                    riding arena for riding as well as the trails.  Horseback riding is free to guests staying at the Ranch

                                    (elsewhere horseback rides cost between $25 and $45 per hour per person).


                 In order to simplify the Ranch manager’s schedule and allow him time to do substantial other Ranch duties (KBR is both a guest

                ranch and a working cattle ranch), free guided horseback rides (i.e., riding in the arena and trail rides) will be limited as follows:


                           1.   Horseback rides will not be available on Sundays.

                           2.  There will normally be four trail horses available for guests to ride.

                           3.  Guests in a Pond Cabin will be entitled, as a group, to the following total hours of horseback rides:

                                 5 night stay – 12 hours, 3 night stay – 6 hours, 2 night stay – 4 hours. For example, if five persons stay five nights in a Pond

                                 Cabin (Judy and Bob Wilson and their three children), they will be collectively entitled to a total of about 12 hours of

                                 horseback riding. If Bob and his three children ride for 1½ hours on Saturday, that equals 6 hours of horseback riding

                                 (4 persons x 1½ hours/person). If Judy and Bob then ride for 2 hours on Monday and 1 hour on Wednesday, that equals 6

                                 hours of horseback riding and the Wilson family will have used up its 12 hours of riding.

                           4.  Guests in the Main Lodge will be entitled, as a group, to the following total hours of horseback rides:

                                5 night stay – 25 hours, 3 night stay – 12 hours, 2 night stay – 8 hours.

                           5.  Because the Ranch manager has other essential duties at KBR, bad weather or other events beyond his control may reduce

                                the number of hours for trail rides. Scheduling of trail rides is subject to weather and other constraints. The Ranch manager

                                will endeavor to accommodate the ride requests of guests from various guest units, but he may not be able to lead a trail ride

                                at a requested time or on a requested day. If, for any reason, guests ride less than the number of hours set out above, no

                                refund will be paid to them.


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