Interesting Places along Highway 150

    When coming from Evanston 

     About seven miles out of Evanston, the highway crosses a bridge over the Bear River. The Mormon pioneer trail crossed what is now the highway ½ mile beyond (south of) the bridge (the crossing point is marked by a stone marker east of the road) and then crossed the Bear River several miles upstream from (west of) the bridge.

    On the left side of the highway about 1.6 miles after the bridge is a very interesting Bear River City historical marker which is worth stopping to read.

    The Donner Party crossed what is now the highway at about milepost 18.


When coming from Kamas

    This is a beautiful drive along a recognized scenic highway.  A wonderful 30 mile bike ride on Hwy. 150 is from Bald Mountain Pass in Utah (elevation ~ 10,400 feet) to the Ranch (elevation 7,580 feet). The ride is 90% downhill or level and takes about two hours.