There is much to do at KBR! All of our activities are free except horseback rides, hunting and guided fishing. For additional information about any of the four underlined activities listed below in all capital letters (e.g., FISHING), click on that activity. For guests staying in the MLW, there is a second floor game room and an outdoor propane grill.​



ATVs, Motorcycles and Motor Bikes – The term “ATV” includes UTVs, side-by-sides, and similar motorized vehicles. E-bikes are not covered by these policies.

  • R&K Hunting may operate ATVs at KBR for scouting and hunting deer, elk and moose and for predator control.

  • The speed limit for all ATVs, motorcycles, and motorbikes at KBR is 20 miles per hour.

  • All ATVs, motorcycles and motor bikes must (a) have a muffler with a functioning spark arrestor, (b) be operated in compliance with applicable Wyoming laws, and (c) stay on existing roads and two-track trails.

  • ATVs (other than KBR’s and R&K’s ATVs), motorcycles, and motor bikes may only be operated at KBR by persons authorized by both a KBR owner (or an owner’s spouse) and the owner of the ATV, motorcycle or motor bike.

  • Helmets for operators and riders of ATVs, motorcycles, and motor bikes may be borrowed from KBR. They are stored in the upstairs mechanical room of the Main Lodge.

Campfire Area – About five minutes from the guest units, a fire pit with benches for seating is available for roasting marshmallows and/or hot dogs, or for a pleasant gathering under the stars. All fires in the fire pits MUST be constantly and carefully supervised by an adult. A campfire is NOT allowed in strong winds or when the surrounding vegetation is extremely dry. The size of the fire should be kept to a moderate (not “roaring”) size. A fire cannot be started unless the water barrel near the fire pit is FULL. After a campfire, an adult MUST carefully and completely put out the fire and all embers, sparks, etc. in the fire pit.

Evanston and Park City – Evanston is a 25-minute drive from KBR. It has a movie theater, hospital, bowling alley, a variety of restaurants, and an 18-hole golf course. Park City, Utah, is about 70 minutes from KBR. It is home to the Sundance Film Festival, world-class ski areas, and an assortment of excellent shops and restaurants.

FISHING- click here


Hiking, Jogging and Biking (including E-bikes) – There are trails for hiking, jogging and mountain biking on at KBR and in the nearby Uinta Mountains. A wonderful 30-mile bike ride for road bikes or mountain bikes is on paved Highway 150 from Bald Mountain Pass in Utah (elevation 10,715 feet) to KBR (elevation 7,600 feet). The ride is about 90% downhill or level. It takes about two hours for reasonably fit adults or children.

HUNTING- click here

Looking at a Night Sky with Minimal “Light Pollution” – see stars and constellations that you may never have seen before. KBR has a small guide book available for identifying constellations.

Outdoor Games – Basketball, pickleball, sand volleyball, horseshoes, Frisbee golf, and, for young children, a hunt for plywood cowboys, cougars, bears, etc. in the grove of Cottonwood trees behind the Main Lodge. Also, there is an artificial turf area east of the pond which can be used with careful adult supervision for bocce ball, carpet bowling, and croquet. DO NOT touch the croquet hoops in the storage box until you have read the croquet instructions in the storage box.

The Uinta Mountains – KBR is about a 10-minute drive from the Uinta Mountains within the Uinta-Wasatch-Cache National Forest – a great area for day hikes, a scenic drive, biking, photography, or fishing in a backcountry lake. A recreation pass, obtainable from the nearby Bear River Ranger Station, is needed if you plan to park a vehicle at a turnout or parking area along the Mirror Lake Highway. Weather in the Uinta Mountains can change quickly. Take adequate water and suitable clothing. The photo on the right below this paragraph was taken on the four mile long Lofty Lake Loop Trail in the Uinta Mountains. Cutthroat Lake is in the valley below the hikers.


Wildlife – Birds (various ducks, Canada geese, sandhill cranes, belted kingfishers, various hawks and eagles, great horned owls, red-winged blackbirds, mountain bluebirds, various hummingbirds, great blue herons, lazuli buntings, black-headed grosbeaks, and more), mule deer, moose, elk, beavers, foxes, coyotes, squirrels, raccoons, and an occasional skunk.

Winter - KBR is a great place for a winter getaway above the winter inversions that often beset the Salt Lake Valley. Winter access may require having the access road to KBR plowed - to get into KBR, to get out of KBR, or both. If special plowing is required for your group, you will need to pay KBR the cost of plowing which will normally range between $75 and $150 for each time the road is plowed. Winter activity options at KBR include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and sledding. KBR has a good (but not unlimited) selection of cross-country skis, boots and poles and several pairs of snowshoes for use by guests. KBR’s proximity to the Uinta Mountains makes it an excellent base for snowmobiling. Snowmobilers must stay at least 400 feet (the length of a football field plus another 100 feet) away from moose and elk and not harass or stress them in any way. Guests can bring and use their own snowmobiles at KBR. There are two snowmobiles at KBR for use by guests - one is  a “single" and the other is a “double”. Users of KBR’s snowmobiles must pay $2.00/mile by leaving cash or a check payable to KBR on the kitchen counter in the proper amount. KBR's snowmobiles may only be operated by persons age 21 or older except a person 16-21 may operate a KBR snowmobile if he or she is carefully supervised by a parent. Except for members of the Jacobsen family, all persons riding on or operating a KBR snowmobile must sign a waiver of liability form. Guests need to provide their own snowmobile clothing except there is a good assortment of snowmobile helmets at KBR. Fuel for snowmobiles can be purchased at KBR. In winter, KBR cannot be accessed by car via Kamas and Bald Mountain Pass. All-wheel drive vehicles with good winter tires and/or chains are recommended for winter access to KBR via Evanston.

Mosquitoes are present at the ranch during part of the summer. They are most active at dawn and dusk. To reduce the risk of being bitten, long pants; light-color, long-sleeve shirts; and mosquito repellent with 25% to 35% DEET is recommended. You may encounter ticks at the ranch. Spray insect repellent on the cuffs of your pants and on your ankles to deter ticks. Carefully check yourself and your children for ticks each evening.

KBR is at a high altitude which increases the chance of getting sunburned. Bring and use adequate sunscreen for protection.

Because there are risks involved in some of the activities at KBR, our insurance carrier requires us to have guests sign an “Agreement Regarding Use of Kingfisher Bend Ranch” when they check in.

Fireworks are not allowed at KBR.

KBR guests may not bring firearms to KBR except during the rifle hunting season when hunters who are staying at KBR and/or hunting on KBR property may bring their firearms to KBR.


215 County Road 152 

Evanston, Wyoming, 82930

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