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Water Sports (other than fishing)

KBR has several sit-on-top kayaks and a small rowboat for use on our pond for fishing, paddling and rowing, and the occasional water fight.


When water flows in the Bear River are sufficiently high in the opinion of the ranch manager, KBR kayaks can be used on the Bear River.


Guests may bring their own inner-tubes for floating down the Bear River or on the pond.


The pond provides excellent swimming in the summer. “Palm Beach” at a bend in the Bear River just five minutes from the guest units is a fun spot for a beach picnic and to play at the edge of the river (with parental supervision).


No lifeguards are at the pond or at the Bear River. KBR has life jackets in a variety of sizes for use by its guests.


Bathing suits or shorts and flip-flops or water shoes are recommended for the pond and the river.


Guests should bring their own beach towels for use at the pond and the river. KBR towels should not be taken out of the guest units. 

For windsurfing and/or water skiing, Sulfur Creek Reservoir is only 20 minutes from KBR.

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